Erica Judd


Tasmanian Chronically Ill Independent Author

Erica Judd has had a lifelong love for reading and writing, and from an early age knew she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Early forays into writing and the publishing industry were unsuccessful, but as she continued to learn feedback became encouraging.

In between running an art gallery cooperative and volunteering in the community, Erica seriously considered undertaking a course in forensic investigation, however an illness in 2005 resulted in chronic health problems which prevented further education. These health problems have also had a huge impact on Erica’s creative abilities. Never one to quit easily, Erica decided to venture into the world of self-publishing, the novel Lucky Seventh being the first product of this endeavour. She has also published her second novel, Never Let Go. Both are available in paperback and multiple electronic formats.

Erica lives on the east coast of Tasmania with her family, illnesses, and many pets.

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